Stars (Vinyl) Photo

Posted on November 11th, 2010 by Bazil

Better than nothing for now. Thanks to Bricolage for snapping it to Rush Mayhem IV. Check out another two photos here

  • andrewlucas

    once again you let me down mr bazil. stars gets re-listed and i didnt hear anything about it. not all of us have cool phones that can go on the internet. very disappointed.

  • UsingTheSecret

    stars is the shit, and i just got nbf on ebay for 20 bucks. score. and i got a question....why are there still tickets for the nyc show? all the vinyls are sold out in mins, but a chance to actually see the band isnt??? wtf??discuss

  • Siberiankiss25

    Ok, so I see that they are on the site now to buy but out of stock. Was there any stock for the internet? or did they put it up just to show what was. I checked before work at 7 am, nothing. Left a half day, check at 12 and they are up and gone already? wtf? I will trade 40 Glassjaw shows on video plus my uncirculated HA master dvd for the whole set of 7"'s when this is all said and done if someone wants to help me out. So frustrating....but exciting.

  • UsingTheSecret

    and what the fuck, its 11:20 and still nothing on merchdirect??? ive been watching that shit all day like a fucking hawk. i hope something is available soon or im gonna get pissed.

  • UsingTheSecret

    in my opinion, on 12.12.10 the second pressing of the vinyls will come out. or maybe a new vinyl. who knows, gj are really keeping all of this shit under tight security.

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